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The Courier Company, UK Adds Radioactive Storage Facilities
27 Jun, 2016


The Courier Company, UK Adds Radioactive Storage Facilities


Dear Members,

The Courier Company has two radioactive stores: a yellow cage for holding Radioactive material, excepted packages โ€“ limited quantity of material UN2908, 2909, 2910 and 2911 and we have now completed a new store which enables us to offer a more comprehensive service.

The new store is designed and certified to hold Radioactive Type A packages. The store is fireproof and we are allowed to hold any number of boxes with a maximum TI (transport index) of 50.  Most importantly, the store has been approved by the CTA.

Under our approvals, we can hold any consignment in the store for a maximum of 14 days. 
This means we can receive a consolidation and break it down to deliver or collect multiple consignments around the UK. For the customer this means they can reduce their shipping costs by consolidating a number of consignments onto one MAWB rather than raising one MAWB per consignment.  They can also plan their production to utilise the store by shipping into the UK earlier, if the half-life of the isotope allows, to negate the risks of late or failed deliveries by their consignments being off-loaded or snagged at the airport of departure. This is particularly important for medical treatments.

For customers exporting from the UK to a single destination, we can collect, store and consolidate multiple shipments and consign them under one MAWB.

In both cases it means we can work to a schedule that suits the consignee or consignor i.e. they tell us when they want something delivered: giving a level of flexibility that is particularly important to hospitals.

All Radioactive shipments consigned with The Courier Company are transported in accordance with all the relevant regulation including TPE 2009, ADR 2015 and IRR99.  Our drivers handling Class 7 material all have the relevant ADR license, have been security screened to DfT Level D or CO and have received radiation protection training. They carry dose meters which are monitored by an approved organization and all vehicles are equipped with all necessary safety equipment as per ADR 2015 and display ADR and Class 7 placards when loaded.

We have an appointed Radiation Protection Advisor, 6 Radiation Protection Supervisors and robust emergency procedures in place covering movement of all classes of Dangerous Goods.  In September 2015, The Courier Company was audited by the ONR who carried out an Industrial and Medical Sector Compliance Inspection. They found us to be compliant with all aspects of the regulations.

This means that our customers can ship radioactive materials with The Courier Company in full confidence that they are doing so legally and that their shipments are being handled in compliance with all the current regulations. 

The Courier Company (UK) Ltd is a specialist Dangerous Goods courier with our head office in Milton Keynes, England.  We currently ship all classes of dangerous goods all over the UK and worldwide and have been transporting radioactive material for over 10 years.

At The Courier Company, we typically handle material for a number of medical and industrial clients offering them a range of services including time-critical deliveries from airport to client, site-to-site transportation, overnight deliveries nationwide and export by both road and airfreight.