netcon int. GmbH

(Aurich, Head Office)
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Proudly Enrolled Since: Nov 29, 2019

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Dear Valued WCA-Members, Thank you for the interest in our service. netcon int. GmbH is a north German based logistics company, specialized in the sector of international dangerous goods, defense logistics and waste logistics, and focussing on comprehensive as well as efficient quality solutions for a very special and demanding market. Overview of our unique structure: ➢ operational head-office Aurich, North Germany ➢ fleet of over 70 special equipped ADR-/explosive-trucks ➡ 40t box trailer, Sprinter-types, Caddy-types ➢ drivers with full ADR-/explosive-license ➢ IATA regulated agent Based on our operational locations, we are offering the entire range of logistics services, for the export, import or transit from, to or through Europe: ➢ oceanfreight via the main seaports in Northern Europe ➢ airfreight via Germany and Netherlands ➢ Europe-wide overland carriage by truck and rail ➢ Europe-wide application of transit permits (e.g. weapons, explosives) ➢ seaworthy loading and securing of container/cargo carriers ➢ packaging as per IMDG, IATA-DGR, ADR, RID, ADN regulation ➢ documentation as per IMDG, IATA-DGR, ADR, RID, ADN regulations ➢ export-, import-, Transit customs clearance ➢ insurance coverage ➢ comprehensive project and supply-chain solutions With our 4 officially registrated trademarks we are focussing on the following goods and industries: netcon int. GmbH - Defense & Explosives International transport solutions for explosives, pyrotechnical items and military defense materials (Industries: Automotive, Aerospace, Mining, Chemistry, Defense, Sports/Hunting) netcon int. GmbH - DG Industrial International transport solutions for dangerous goods, classes 2 to 6, 8 and 9 - lithium-ion-batteries, chemicals, gas, paint, etc. (Industries: Automotive, Aerospace, Mining, Chemistry, Construction, Technology, etc.) netcon int. GmbH - Global Waste Solutions International transport and disposal projects for hazardous and non-hazardous waste materials (Industries: Demilitarization, Chemistry, Disposal, Autotomive, etc.) netcon int. GmbH - Arms & Ammo Europe-wide and international storage and distribution services for civil defense material and police units (Industries: Police Units, Special Units, Sports and Hunting, (Self-)Defense) Let's setup a meeting! Do you want to learn more about our services and overall concent - let's setup a online conference call and we gladly present our business areas to you and your colleagues. "As a dedicated member of the WCA Dangerous Goods Network, we look forward to building up new and interesting business options as well as steady partnerships" Mr. Tjardo Frei, Managing Director Do you have a (special) cargo? We have a (special) solution!
Leerer Landstrasse 72,
26603 Aurich,

Contact Details:
+49 (0) 4941 605 66 0 (24/7)
+49 (0) 4941 605 66 11


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