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Case Studies

Kukbo Logix Co., Ltd. received an inquiry from a Korean manufacturer of chemicals who had been exporting their liquid chemical products from Korea to Malaysia

New Member DGM Kenya got their first job from a WCA member this month – An Air Charter of Class 1 Cargo to Botswana.

The same day DGM Kenya’s membership was announced, UK Member Embassy Freight Services was looking for an option to move a consignment of Class 1.3G & Class 1.4G into Gaborone, Botswana. Embassy had been trying for some time to move the shipment via South Africa but was having trouble in obtaining the required transit permits in South Africa, due to the efforts of an agent previously appointed by their customer.

Embassy promptly contacted Mr. Kamlesh Taank (MD) of Dangerous Goods Management Kenya, who was immediately able to assist, thanks to his extensive knowledge and experience of the market. Within a short time, DGM had provisionally arranged the Charter, Transit procedures (including strong room storage with armed guard protection) and the Customs Bond for transit purposes.

As Embassy Freight is now the in-house forwarder for this shipper, they were able to provide DGM with good lead times and send the payment to them 10 days before the charter took place. They did this to allow DGM every opportunity to plan every last detail and have the comfort of having the cash in the bank to meet all the requirements of the job. Embassy then flew the cargo into Nairobi with a commercial carrier and DGM took it over from there and ensured it went to Gaborone. Everything went exactly to plan and was a great testimony to the work that DGM put in.

Mark Hall of Embassy Freight commented, "DGM have done a fantastic job and it really goes to show the great job WCA do in ensuring that the applications for the specialty networks are thoroughly checked and only quality, professional companies are signed up. We move a lot of Class 1 cargo all around the world and in particular the Middle East. There is shortage of members in WCA Dangerous Goods for this region, who specialize in Class 1 and if the members from the other WCA Networks, who can handle Class 1, were to join WCA Dangerous Goods, like we have, it would make our life a lot easier to give them our cargo!"