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Case Studies

Kukbo Logix Co., Ltd. received an inquiry from a leading US chemical company with production in Korea

Kukbo Logix Co., Ltd. received an inquiry from a leading US chemical company with production in Korea, to find a solution for moving hazardous liquid chemicals with the condition of keeping the cargo temperature at around minus 30 degrees Celsius throughout the transit from the shipper's factory to the consignee's door. As the product is dangerous when coming into contact with water, and additionally needs cooling, airlines impose very strict handling procedures on such items. We did not only have to fulfill these, but on top of this, also had to carry out on-time custom clearance at origin and destination, shorten the total transit time as much as possible, and replenish dry ice/gel pack at connection points to keep the cargo at the required temperature during the whole time. The product is also quite valuable, and would have become unusable if the cold chain was broken at any time during the transport.


Kukbo Logix Co., Ltd. had to overcome several challenges:

  • Product: UN3399, IATA Class: 4.3(3), packing group 1. The product is an organometallic substance, which is liquid, water-reactive, flammable, and also very sensitive to temperature, and therefore has to be kept frozen at around -30 degrees Celsius during the whole transportation process. A temperature logger was attached to monitor that cooling of the product after proper packaging under DG regulation.
  • Timeframe: We had only four days after pick up the shipper's factory to arrange everything and deliver in time. This included proper DG packing, dry ice exchange, and customs clearance at origin and destination, as well as pick up from the shipper factory in Korea to the delivery destination in the USA. It took alone almost one day to pick up and bring the cargo to the international airport at Incheon, as the shipper's location is about 500km away from the airport. Additionally, airlines request to receive such cargo at least 10 hours before flight departure for their physical inspection, and it's also forbidden on passenger aircraft.
  • Custom clearance at destination: Customs office at destination country requires proper documents from the consignee to clear customs. Without submitting proper documents in advance, the cargo needs to stay at customs warehouse for at least one day until the documents are submitted.
  • Replenishment of dry ice/gel pack: We have to arrange so that the airline replenished proper amount of dry ice/gel at the pack correct time to keep the temperature as required by the shipper and don't harm the cargo.
  • The shipper compared various offers, but large competitors in the cold chain market such as TNT, DHL did not provide such a customized service, and many smaller ones couldn't cope with the requirements. We provide an one-stop-service including proper DG documentation, door-to-door multimodal cooled transportation, temperature monitoring. DG packaging and labeling and storing.
  • The product was delivered within the total transmit time of four days (Tuesday departure and Friday moving arrival) During transit, we replenished the dry ice at connection points and the cold chain was never broken.
  • The temperature logger showed that during the whole transit the temperature was kept at around -30 degree Celsius.
  • The customer was satisfied with our service, and this has become a regular shipment for us for several destinations now.

For more information of the shipment, please contact Ken Jeon at khjeon@kblogix.co.kr, or kb-air@kblogix.co.kr.